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It is possible for those who cut off from jealousy to achieve excellent performance.

  As we enter the new century, there is a sense of urgency: modern science and technology are becoming more and more advanced, production processes are becoming more and more automated, and the population of the earth is growing ...... What lies ahead of us and our children will be fierce competition.

When a counselor is ordinary, no one talks about her too much; once she becomes an excellent counselor and becomes famous, there will be people who say she is not good at this and that; if she becomes a national excellent counselor, there are people who write anonymous letters and sue her for such and such problems. Therefore, I often say to female counselors: "As a woman, to be successful, do not be afraid of what people say. There is this lyric: 'To survive, first dry your tears; walk through, there is a sky ahead. Never women do great things, nine bitter and one sweet.' Isn't that a good point? I think this not only refers to the hard work, but also to withstand the pressure from all sides. If a woman is afraid of people talking, then she will not be able to do anything, because, you are too concerned about the views of others. You know, as long as you do a good job, there are always people around the imbalance, talking about you, degrading you, to get a moment of satisfaction. At such times, you ignore them, just stride forward, walk away from these people, they will not talk about you, because, they are only interested in their own surroundings."

  Men's jealousy, which is not usually visible, is actually more frightening and manifests itself as "hatred in the heart. Two graduate students working in the same research laboratory, both quite capable and talented, and secretly competing with each other. Later, one of them was sent abroad, which made the other one very jealous. He sent the other one to the airport with a smile, but then, when his colleague was lonely and isolated, he wrote three irritating letters in quick succession. The first letter wrote: he is already the director of the research laboratory, quite the leaders of the value; the second letter said: the unit has just given himself a set of very good conditions of the house; the third letter content: I have a girlfriend, very cute, she is your original girlfriend ......

  In the end, that graduate student who went abroad returned home early without finishing his studies because of his weak will and poor mental capacity. He was a loser who was not mentally prepared for the jealousy of men. He is also a vulnerable person, without the "not to be happy with things, not to be sad with oneself", so he will be disturbed by the outside world, of course, will not succeed.

  Only those who have a good mental state, who know how to compete and know how to transcend, will be successful. Children should be trained to do this from an early age.

  Overcoming jealousy and engaging in proper competition is what we expect of our children and what the future will demand of them. It is our most urgent desire to be good at interpersonal relationships and to seek common development and progress in the midst of competition. If they can't handle competition with others well, how can they participate in more profound and extensive competition?

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