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A mother who respects her children will raise children who know how to respect themselves.
A child with secrets during childhood is a child with a rich inner world, a high IQ and many ideas. Such a child is often the "child's head" and will often make up "little secrets" to attract peers.

  Adolescent children have secrets, indicating that he is from childish to mature, good thinking, independent opinion, self-esteem is also increasing.

  Entering adolescence, the child's closedness to adults and openness to partners is more prominent. These "little adults" like children especially need to be respected.

  First of all, a child is a person, not a thing. He is a human being, he has feelings, he has his own way of behaving, he has his own independent personality, and he has his own right to privacy. Nowadays, many families treat their children as pets and play with them when they want to, which means they do not know how to respect them.

  Second, children are minors. It is because they have not grown up, they can not sit still. First-grade children can concentrate for only 10 to 20 minutes, and after a while he has to move a little, which is determined by age characteristics.

  Children sometimes love to tell big lies, but adults think he is lying. In fact, this is the child in order to make others pay attention to themselves, deliberately exaggerate the truth. He is not yet an adult, his mind is not yet set, this time you do not distinguish between red and white that he is lying is wronged him.

  Third, the child is an independent person, regardless of age, adults can not replace him in everything. A child has to think independently and participate independently; he has to have his own secrets and his own privacy. The law is protecting all their rights and interests, and when you violate their rights, you break the law.

  If a child is respected from an early age, he will know self-respect and how to respect others. Those children who are polite and courteous to others are certainly respected at home; those who are unreasonable and behave rudely are not respected by others at home, and are often even hurt.

  If you want to raise your children to be high quality people and educated, then you must first be such a person. To make your children respect you, you should first respect them.
The most important thing that human beings cannot hurt is self-respect. To build a bonding paradise in your family, you have to start by respecting your children and their privacy.

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