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The desire for friends is stronger in only children than in any other generation of children.

A childhood without friends is unfortunate. For this generation of only children, their loneliness is stronger than any other generation, and their desire to seek friends is more urgent than any other generation.

  This is what I experienced when I was a "soul sister".

  Every time I go abroad, I encounter many touching things. The most memorable one was when I went to Shanghai to start a short-term "heartfelt telephone". On that occasion, the telephone was located in the office building of the Shanghai Municipal Committee.

  I originally thought that Shanghai has a good educational foundation, more places for children to do after-school activities, and the cultural level of mothers and fathers is higher, so there will not be too many problems in tutoring, and the children in Shanghai will not necessarily call as enthusiastically as children in other places. What I didn't expect was that after the news was spread by local newspapers and radio stations, the children and their parents called one after another, and the children who came to the office building to see "Sister Zhi Xin" came one after another, so we were too busy to eat. In just three days, we received 553 phone calls.

  In the conversation with the children, I often saw from the children's smiling faces their eagerness for friends; from the pair of eyes filled with tears, I clearly read their lonely hearts. Many of the children called the "sister" just to chat and make friends.

  Children present a new topic to young mothers: children need partners of their own age, but there are none at home, so they long for their mothers to be their friends, to be their "child king", because mothers are more accessible to children, mothers love children more, and are more like children.

  This is how history "favors" young mothers, and puts a heavy burden on them: to be a friend to their children, forever.

  When the child has you, you will really have him.

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