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Suppose all the people in the world do not welcome your child, but you cannot, you must welcome him because he is your child!

  Suppose your child makes a big mistake, you can't say, "Get out of here!" Because, home is the ultimate home for a person, and he has no place to go anymore, except the grave.

  Children need protection. Many of us parents overlook this.

  When we analyze the cases of many children who run away from home, most of them do so because they are frustrated and can't handle it psychologically, or they fail their exams, or they make mistakes that they can't answer to their parents. The moment before they quietly leave home, their ears ring with the shouts of their parents: "Get out!
In our lives, around us, if your daughter has sex with someone else, what would you do? Be a dad and don't shout, "Get the hell out!" Don't be a mom and cry, "You're a disgrace to me!" If you say that, your child may never come back to you. The important thing is for her to realize the seriousness of the matter, to learn the lesson seriously, and to never make such a mistake again. Because our children do live in a much more open society than we used to.

For emotional and marital matters, parents need to be patient and guide their children the most when they are in a haze. Once things go wrong, beating and scolding won't work anymore. Children need parental care and understanding at this time, and if they don't get it, they will lose confidence and may give up on themselves. So parents should not force their children to avoid these things, but to guide them properly.

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