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Children need to be appreciated by adults. Without appreciation, there is no education.
Nowadays, many parents educate their children in a somewhat misplaced psychology, not with an appreciative eye to see the merits of the child, but with a critical eye to find the child's fault. The most frightening thing is to use the strengths of other children to compare the weaknesses of their own children, the more you compare the more you feel that your child is not as good as other children.

  In fact, your child is your child, there is no need to always compare with other people's children, as long as your child has progress today than yesterday, you should congratulate him, this is the mother's appreciation of her own child.

  Blind comparison can have many undesirable consequences and make your child lose his self-confidence. The child will mistakenly believe that his "disaster" is brought about by his partner, and instead of developing a desire to learn from his partner, he will form a grudge and refuse to learn from others in his future life.

  The Czech educator Comenius, who is revered as the Copernicus of the history of education, stated, "The child should be honored as God is honored." The most essential need in human nature is the desire to be appreciated. As far as spiritual life is concerned, every young life seems to come to earth in order to be appreciated, and no one lives to be scolded.

  Not to mention the minor children, is that we adults, who are willing to work with their own leadership and appreciation of their colleagues, who are not willing to work with the whole day to pick their noses and eyes, not satisfied with this look at that disagreeable people together.

  Children are different from adults. Adults are not appreciated in this unit, not doing well, can be transferred to another unit to work, while children are not appreciated by their parents, there is no place to go.

  Therefore, learning to appreciate - should be the motto of every parent.

  "Even if everyone in the world ends up looking down on our child, parents should appreciate him with tears in their eyes, embrace him, praise him, praise him and be proud of them, which is what makes every child successful." This is a mystery discovered by a father of a deaf child on his bumpy road to change his daughter's fate.

  We, as parents, do not have any reason to say discouraging words to our children, because the road of children's growth is like a race course, how they are eager for their parents to be good at finding the shining points in themselves, shouting and cheering for themselves, even if they fall down a thousand times, they should be convinced that they can stand up a thousand and one times and go for the glory of life.

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