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When a child has a first success, he or she will have a second and a third ......
What plays the best motivational effect in a child's life is his first success. Receiving affirmation and encouragement at those times will give him confidence in his prospects and thus gain self-confidence.

"That's how motivation works. If we as parents can help our children achieve their first success in life and let them taste the joy of success, he will be a success in the future!" I confided to parents how I felt, "If the arrival of a 'soul sister' can bring success to the child who sent the invitation, I would rather sacrifice all my time."

  Children today lack this sense of success. Years of teaching to the test have produced a large number of failures. Now the promotion of transforming test-based education into quality education has created more opportunities for children.

  Therefore, it is the responsibility of each of us to let our children achieve their first success.

  When a child achieves success, it is important for adults to applaud him solemnly and not to belittle his first success. A child's growth is indeed like that of an athlete who needs others to cheer him on.

  Soong Ching Ling famously said, "Everything for the child, for all the children, for all the children." Our country needs all children to be of great quality. However, in the process of education, people often ignore those naughty, undisciplined and poor-learning children, and regard them as bad and poor children, and no one loves to control them, and no one is there to love them. In fact, such children are the ones who need more motivation.

  The result of the past test-based education is that a very small number of students are singled out from the whole student body, and many of them are "talents" with high scores and low abilities. Quality education, on the other hand, is to find the sparkle in each student, so that they can give full play to the light, so that every child can succeed!

  Motivation is the best way!

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