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"Concentrate" is a word that describes a person who is fully focused on what he or she is doing. It tells us to concentrate on observing when we are observing, on thinking when we are thinking, on playing when we are playing, and to use all our energy in whatever we do.

  According to a survey conducted by experts, there is not a great correlation between the degree of intelligence of people compared to each other, but if the degree of concentration is different, the results achieved are very different. Those who concentrate on their work tend to achieve great results, while those who are distracted at times do not get satisfactory results in the end. Madame Curie achieved so much in science because she was a person who was dedicated to her work throughout her life. Her success has taught us that if we concentrate on one thing, we are likely to succeed; if we concentrate on two things, we often achieve nothing.

  The human mind is amazing, and if you focus on one thing, you are bound to do something that will surprise you. So, how do you achieve concentration?

  One has to have a clear goal. You have to figure out exactly what you want to do now and never stop until you achieve your goal.

  Secondly, remove distractions. When one is concentrating, it is as if one has entered a different world altogether, and one is deaf to the noise and talk around one.

  Thirdly, there should be tension and relaxation. When you do your homework, concentrate on writing and don't think about playing; when you play, have fun and don't think about studying. This way, the brain can be fully rested.

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