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When adults do something wrong, they may want to be bold and admit it.

  It is normal for adults to sometimes blame children wrongly, because many adults do not know what is in the mind of the child. When a child makes a mistake, he or she should admit it to the adult and apologize to the person who was offended; but it is not normal for an adult to make a mistake and blame the child, but rarely say sorry to the child.

  "No one is perfect", no one is immune to faults. We can't be like a snail and put all our mistakes into a big shell and carry them every day, how tiring is that! In fact, when adults do something wrong, they should admit it boldly and correct it immediately just like children do. How easy it would be to lose face and mistakes and go lightly on the road!

  At a symposium, a parent asked this question: "When adults make a mistake, how should they explain it in the face of their children? For example, if my child does something wrong, I scold him and scold him when I know about it. Later, by going to the teacher, I found out that I had wronged him, but I didn't have the courage to admit my mistake to the child, which is difficult for us adults to do."

  I replied, "Adults make mistakes too, and adults have to be honest. If you can say to your child, 'I'm sorry, I was wrong about you!' I think the child will be very touched. Sometimes, parents can't let go of their position, thinking that they are adults, how can they just say 'sorry' to their children! I do think that we can establish a relationship with our children as friends, and there is a back and forth, whoever did not do the right thing will admit their mistakes. This, on the contrary, looks like adults are very open and honest, in the eyes of children also very weighty. Those who only know how to groom themselves must be very weak people."

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