A drop of water is a gift from a spring-Woodmam


      There is an old Chinese saying, "A drop of water repays a spring of kindness." It means that when someone gives you a little help, you should keep it in mind and return it twice as much.

  People who know how to give back are called "people with a conscience"; those who "only know how to ask for something and don't know how to give back" are often looked down upon and denounced as "having no conscience"!

  Some children grow up spoilt, never having had the practice of giving back, and never having developed a sense of giving back. He believes that he deserves everything that others do for him and does not need to be thanked or rewarded.

  When his mother prepared a meal, he did not ask where it came from or how much hard work she had put into it, nor did he care if others had eaten it.

  He spends money lavishly, buying a dozen skewers of mutton and several bottles of drinks at a time, without ever thinking about how hard his mother and father work to earn this money and how difficult it is.

  Some children grow up in adversity, they know that it is not easy for their loved ones to bring them up, and will do their best to repay the kindness of their upbringing.

  The first way to see if someone has loving emotions is to see if they love their loved ones. A loving child is loved by all. Even if he loses a loved one one one day, he will be loved by many people because people love loving children and trust people with a conscience.

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