"Whatever" is the best "control"-Woodmam


A child who is controlled too much will gradually turn from being a "listener" under an authoritative parent to a "slave" of his own bad habits; his bad habits are the shackles that bind him and make him suffer. It's not that he doesn't want to get rid of it in his heart, it's that he doesn't have the ability to get rid of it.

Many of the children's problems are not because the parents have little control, but because they have too much control. I smiled and said, "You've hit the nail on the head. Parents need to recognize their own limitations and know that at certain stages of their children's development and in certain aspects of development, there is nothing you can do or do not need to do - this, if you are not afraid to offend, go back to your colleague and suggest that in her current situation, "do not act " is the best as, "regardless" is the best tube.

 Special Tips

  One of the most typical manifestations of disrespect for children is too much control, i.e., too much guidance or interference, which disrupts much of the normal growth order of children.

  Parents who control their children especially carefully and strictly are mostly people who are very attentive in their work and life, and their motivation for success is always stronger in their lives. Similarly, in the education of children, they are more eager to succeed and confident, and apply their own management to their children. However, they are largely disappointed.

  Is instruction and monitoring education? No! If education were so simple that every parent could do what he or she wanted, there would be no more laments of hate in the world. The main component of instruction and surveillance is control.

  Not saying" is a much harder thing to do than "saying". Your child's behavior challenges your psyche on a daily basis, and it takes a lot of reason and patience to dissipate it.

  A child is a world that exists perfectly on its own, with infinite vitality hidden in its young body. It has a potential for self-shaping and self-forming expression as it grows, just as a seed has roots, leaves, and flowers that grow naturally under the right conditions. Parents who have the faith and moderation of a farmer will surely see their children grow better.

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