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The sterile cabin does not produce physically fit people, and it does not make sense to rely on eliminating the normal sounds around you to make learning possible. A child who is disturbed in a normal environment is just as easily disturbed in a quiet environment. What really disturbs him is not that sound, but his habit of looking for it.
Parents should give their children a positive influence and let them learn to live in harmony with their surroundings, rather than being harsh and trying to modify them at every turn.

  If we look at "noises" in this way, they are no longer noises - the sound of TVs and quarrels from neighbors' homes, the sound of cars driving on the road and horns, the roar of machines on construction sites - they are urban music. -They are the music of the city, we really do not need to be bothered by these sounds.

  In many similar small problems, can have such a frank attitude, thus solving may be a big problem.

  Rather than "sleep without fear of noise" is a physical problem, it is also an educational problem to some extent.

  Special tips

  A slightly noisy environment is also good for children to develop good habits of sleeping without fear of disturbance.

  Parents should not indulge their children's habit of sleeping with fear of noise, but should find ways to let them gradually adapt to the noise of life and learn to sleep without fear of noise. A simple physical problem that has been wrongly solved may eventually become a psychological problem.

  ● Education should work for the development of the child's habits and should not pursue superficial neatness and cater to certain negative fetishes. In terms of the learning environment, there is no need to either deliberately create noise or overly pursue quietness; it is best to let nature take its course.

  Parents cannot create every ideal growing condition for their children. By developing your child's ability to adapt to his environment, you are providing him with a good environment that he can carry with him.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities

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