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Now there is a heartbreaking fact that many primary and secondary school students are particularly afraid of parent-teacher conferences, and the day of parent-teacher conferences often becomes their "day of suffering", especially for some boys who do not do well in school, the parent-teacher conference notice is simply a "punishment notice" issued to them The parent-teacher conference notice is a "punishment notice".
 It is so easy to scold and beat up a child who is not doing well - and it is so easy to do that every parent can do it - that it is loved by many parents. However, it does not solve any problems; therefore, it will also let those parents who are used to solving problems "quickly" and "easily" in the future, slowly taste more unpleasant and uncomfortable brought by the incompetence of teaching their children.

  After hearing their children's problems, they can act calmly, reflect on themselves, talk sincerely with their children, try to understand them, try to motivate them, and help them solve their problems skillfully - these actions are difficult and require a lot of reason and thought on the part of the parents. Parents who can think about their children's lifelong growth, can't they do this for their children? Education is in the smallest details. If you give a little reason, thought and wisdom at this time, and handle the various problems you encounter with art, your child will reward you with ten times the excellence.

  Special Tips

  Children are sensitive and fragile. If the meeting between teachers and parents turns out to be a horrible event that brings shame and changes the child's training, the consequences will only make the child hate the teacher and the school; make the child lose motivation and judgment in learning, self-confidence, morality, etc.; and it will mostly reflect on the study and affect the academic performance.

  Punishing a child after a parent-teacher conference is not so much a way to "educate" the child as it is a way for the parent to calm his or her anger and take offense. This will only make the child's problems worse.

  What parents need to do is to protect their children's interest in learning and build up their confidence in learning. With interest and self-confidence, you are still afraid that he won't learn well, and that he won't be able to find his own way.

  If your child does not perform well, scold him and beat him up - it is so easy and painful to do, and every parent can do it - so it is beloved by many parents. However, it can't solve any problem; therefore, it will make those parents who are used to solving problems "quickly" and "easily" taste more unpleasant and uncomfortable in the future due to their inability to teach their children.

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