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Eating is a human nature, how can it take so much effort to make children open their mouths?

  Many parents who are worried about their children not eating properly do not think about a very simple question: where have we heard of children born in the fifties and sixties, including the seventies, who do not eat properly? At that time there were many children in the family, which child needed to be chased and fed? As long as there was food, which child was starved? Since the 1980s, especially after the 1990s, social and economic life has become better and better, why do children become anorexic all the time?

  Mr. Benjamin Sparks, a famous American pediatrician and psychologist, elaborated this question very clearly, saying, "Why do so many children fail to eat? The main reason is that there are also many parents who like to push their children to eat" - this statement explains things very clearly. The main reason why children do not like to eat is that parents care too much about their children's eating and are too pushy on this issue. The normal appetite of the child is kindly spoiled by the adults of the day who have more material and time to spare.

  It's not that children born now have changed their natures; it's that parents have the energy to do the anti-nature thing.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities

  According to Mr. Sparks, "every child is born with a subtle physiological mechanism for self-regulating the amount and type of food eaten to meet the needs of normal growth and development." This means that the child himself knows best what he wants to eat and how much he should eat. Adults do not care, he can develop their own eating function normally; while parents in this regard if often interfere with children, things will become worse. "Children have an instinct to be pushed to be a bully. What to eat if you are not happy to eat, the next time you see it, you hate ...... pushing children to eat is not beneficial, but will further corrupt appetite, so that it does not recover in the long term."

A friend called and said that her kindergarten child did not like to eat, she called her mother-in-law in the countryside to complain, and she said "starve him for two days on the line". The daughter-in-law was very upset by this comment, saying how can a grandmother say such things. I laughed and said that if you ask me for advice, I would say the same thing: try starving him for two days!

  Of course, it is not necessary to really starve the child for two days, but this sentence conveys the idea of spontaneity, is indeed a magic weapon, can make the child "eat is fragrant", the effect will certainly exceed that oral liquid. The mother-in-law in the countryside must have learned this trick with her own rich experience.

  Special Tips

  The main reason why children don't like to eat is that parents are too concerned about their children's meals and are too demanding on this issue. The child's normal appetite is kindly destroyed by the adults who have plenty of material and time at the moment. When parents fight with their children on the issue of eating, they will never lose.

  How can we get our children to have a normal appetite? It's really very simple: just let nature take its course. When your child doesn't like to eat or doesn't like to eat something, don't say anything about it, don't lecture him about it, and don't rush to find a substitute. Just pretend that you don't know what it is time for him to eat and bring whatever it is; even look for opportunities to deliberately use words to suggest that he likes to eat this very much.

Educational toys can be used to prompt children's learning abilities

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