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Children's developing consciousness and verbal expression are often out of sync, and many things come to mind but cannot be said, or are spoken at a great distance from their intended meaning. The expressions they use most are obedience or disobedience, submission or rebellion, laughter or crying. Adults should not simply assume that the former is good and the latter is bad, and should not indiscriminately tell children to "obey". Be sure to listen to the child's heart from their various expressions. Also find ways to guide them to use language to express their thoughts.

Of course, being an "obedient" parent is never about doing what your child says or does, and not about breaking the moral line. You should not listen to your child's impolite orders, endless quid pro quo, or rude and rude words. To do otherwise is to connive. "Obedience" and connivance are two completely opposite things. The essence of "obedience" is how to understand children and how to treat them equally; indulgence is just spoiling. "Obedience" produces a democratic citizen; indulgence only creates a tyrant.

  Rousseau said: "Do not teach a child how to obey people when he is active; at the same time, do not let him learn to serve people when you give him something to do. Let him feel equally at home with his freedom in his actions and in yours." In the words of this article, both parents and children should not control each other, but be "obedient". The parent, as the strong and dominant party, is the initiator of the situation - if you want to have a good and obedient child, you must remember: be the "obedient" parent in front of the child first.

  Special Tips

  We are supposed to take our children out to play, so why must we see going to Tiananmen Square as meaningful and crossing the flyover as meaningless? Maybe in Yuan Yuan's eyes, the bridge is much more interesting than the square.

  The clothes can be washed when they are dirty, and it is no big deal if they are worn out. It's a mistake to ruin such a fun-filled attempt of your child just for the trivial reason of fear of getting dirty.

  It is so important to understand your child's mind. If you don't understand what your child is saying, and if you don't try to coax her or lecture her, your child will not be able to untie the knot, and she will be distressed and upset for a long time.

  If parents try to convince their children to do what adults want in everything, and demand that they obey them all day long, they teach their children to unconsciously treat others in the same way. Young children quickly learn to kidnap their parents, and "disobedience" is their usual noose, negative but effective. Too many of these incidents can build up into a psychological extremity and develop into a form of paranoia.

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